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What should I wear?

You should wear something comfortable. Long pants are preferred shorts and sneakers are acceptable. We request you do not wear open toed shoes. No flip-flops permitted.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend you leave any valuables at home. You can bring a bag with a few personal items. Backpacks are OK. DON’T forget your camera! The riding sites allow for some amazing views of the Las Vegas strip and the mountains surrounding the city. There will be some room available in the transportation vehicles and the ATV’s for storage of your personal items.

How safe is the riding area?

The riding areas consist of varied terrain ranging from sand dunes to mountainous trails. The tour guides are professionally trained to assist you with riding techniques for every terrain. Safety is our NUMBER 1 priority. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the riding, please inform the guide and they will be sure to assist you. Our goal is for everyone to have a safe and fun time. The riding trails range from beginner to intermediate and the guides will suit the tour to match the group’s individual needs.

What is the minimum and maximum number allowed on each tour?

Our group numbers range from 2 up to 25 people. If you are a single rider, we will work to pair you up with a small group that matches your experience level. Sometimes, depending upon availability, we are even able to offer personalized tours for you and your group. Group ATV tours are available for family reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events and even private tours!

How long is the actual riding time?

Our tour guides will pick you up and drop you back off from the Las Vegas Strip. Most riding sites are about 25 minutes from the hotels on the strip. The close proximity of these locations allows for more riding time. We offer a 2-hour excursion with about 1 hour of ride time.

What if I have never ridden before?

Our guides are experienced and trained in riding ATV’s safely. They will work with you to help you understand how to ride the vehicle and how to manage the terrain. Our ATV’s range from fully automatic to manual engines. Your guide will be sure to provide you with the ATV that fits your comfort level and experience. You can also ride in a side-by-side with a tour guide if you are not comfortable riding on an ATV.

What is your cancelation Policy?

**72 hr cancellation policy**
*If you show up under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol you will NOT be permitted to ride and you WILL be charged the FULL amount of the tour. No Refunds*

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