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Sand Dune Tours in Las Vegas

If you’re the type of person who likes to maximize every second of your vacation time, then Las Vegas couldn’t be a better destination for desert adventures. Attracting visitors from places on the other side of the world as well as attracting groups who are making a quick weekend trip from San Diego, Las Vegas is truly a hotspot for entertainment and fun. While it’s usually the lure of casino and gambling that attracts the masses to Sin City, there are loads more for thrill seekers to enjoy while visiting Las Vegas.

At Las Vegas ATV Tours, we offer guided sand dune tours of the vast Nevada terrain. Our desert ATV tours are perfect for families with older teens, large groups, or individuals who are looking for a change of speed from what is generally found along ‘The Strip.’ While there are several sand dune ATV rental companies around, we pride ourselves on giving riders the best desert ATV riding experience.

When riding with our professionally trained guides during your desert adventure ATV tour, even the most novice of riders will feel comfortable. Our sand dune rides take you into one of Nevada's most exciting riding terrains, the Nellis Dunes National Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation area. ATV tours through Nellis Dunes on your desert adventure means that you’ll get to ride through an area that boasts over 10,000 acres of terrain.

Desert Adventure ATV Tour in Las Vegas

Desert ATV riding is a blast that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure to bring the camera, as you are going to want to take in and cherish all of the sights you see on our scenic sand dune tours. Unsure about how you’ll be able to experience this type of desert adventure without your own vehicle in Las Vegas? No need to worry, as we offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off from the strip.

On top of our great complimentary shuttle service, we also equip riders with all the safety gear and helmets needed for sand dune rides. Choose from our full line of sand dune ATV rentals, which range from an automatic 250cc ATV all the way up to the 450cc ATV. 

When you take part in our desert ATV tours across the Nellis Dunes, which is just 25 minutes outside of the Vegas Strip in Clark County, Nevada, you’ll get to see fighter planes from the nearby Nellis Air Force Base flying right over your head as you cruise through the canyon trails and sand dunes.

Booking desert adventures with Las Vegas ATV tours is a breeze, as we can accommodate large groups that range anywhere from 25 to 100 people. In Vegas from San Diego on a business trip? Let your hair down a little bit and try one of our ATV rentals in the Las Vegas desert.

ATV in Las Vegas Desert

Nellis Dunes National Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation area offers exciting riding for all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts, whether you are a first-time rider or an expert! This OHV area boasts over 10,000 acres in Las Vegas’ Clark County and just 25 minutes from ‘The Strip.’ Its terrain consists of beautiful sand dunes and canyon trails. On most days you will see fighter planes from Nellis Air Force Base flying overhead!

Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Tour Guides are here to assist in your Ultimate Experience.

Why Ride with Us?

*Group Discounts Available
*Complimentary Pick-up and Drop-off from the Las Vegas Strip
*Helmets, Safety Gear, and Refreshments provided
*Only tour company trusted to do U.S. Military training
*Our full line of automatic 250cc to full-blown 450cc ATVs are ready to fit your skill level

To book a reservation anytime, call our 24-hour line at 908-963-8830 or call 702-750-9751 for our current rates and availability. Always remember, group discounts are available. Call today!

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